Cooking / Pasteurising / Sous Vide

Cooking is more than the skill of transforming food from its raw state. Chefs rely on creating dishes with thought to maximal yield, enviable taste, food safety and extending shelf life. The Cook Tank and Mixer Kettle assist to achieve your culinary aims, whilst allowing for pasteurisation and sous vide.

Sous Vide: thermal processing of vacuum packaged food at low temperatures to maximise taste, texture and yield.

Pasteurisation: partial sterilisation of a product, eliminating pathogens and contributing to the extension of shelf life.

Emulsifying / Homogenising

The ability to alter the nature of food to create a new dish profile, is a necessity in any centralised kitchen. The Regethermic Emulsifier works to enhance the texture, viscosity, shelf life, flavour and appearance of your signature product.

Mixing and blending multiple insoluble products to uniformly distribute the particulates through-out.

Hot filling and sealing

Food does not necessarily require additives and preservatives in order to deliver longer shelf life. The Regethermic Hot-Fill machinery options combine science and efficiency to safely and hygienically transport hot product into packaging to support extended shelf life principles while operating within required critical limits.

Cooked and pasteurised foods are hot-filled into speciality casings, sealed, cooled rapidly providing a longer shelf life.


Critical to the overall safety of cooked food is the speed in which it can be cooled, the goal is to move food through temperature danger zone where microbiological activity is most prevalent swiftly, while ensure the quality and integrity of the product is maintained.

The utilization of air,gas or liquid to assist in the preservation of food by minimising microbiological activity through cooling a product to between 0 and 5 degrees celsius.