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The Economics of Water

9 August 2020

chef pouring water

Water is a tasteless, odourless and colourless substance yet is the foundation of all living things.

Taking the form of liquid, solid or gas, these 3 states of matter have multiple applications within the modern kitchen; we use it to wash products, sterilise them with steam or ice bath products to cool them. The need and use of water in the kitchen unites us all yet this costly commodity differs greatly in how countries can source it, regulate its quality and how much we are charged for it.

See below for the video link of the new Regethermic water recovery system:

Some interesting facts about water:
  • 1kg of Rice uses 5000 litres to grow
  • It takes 16 Litres of water to produce 1 kg of coffee
  • A single standard newspaper takes 300 litres of water
  • 70% of the world’s water usage is due to agriculture
  • The average dishwasher uses 100 litres of water per cycle
  • 90% of waste-water is discharged without treatment into rivers and streams without in developing countries
  • A US household’s average daily water use is eight times that of a household in India
  • Washing your hands can decrease the chance of diarrhea by 35%
  • Only 3% of the world’s water is fresh, of which 68% is trapped in the Glaciers
  • Each dollar invested in water and sanitisation returns $4 owing to the lowered health cost, higher productivity and a reduction in premature deaths
At Regethermic, we understand the need to minimise the waste of water. Regethermic has developed the recently released water recovery system on our Cook Tank/Tumble Chiller. Please see the video below for a demonstration of this new feature.