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Regethermic welcomes the All-New Dieta Genier ACE Mixer Kettle

12 April 2021

63358 v2

Regethermic would like to welcome the all-new Dieta Genier ACE mixer kettle to our range.

Featuring a combination of forward thinking functionality and durability:


  • Large and easy-to-read 10-inch touch screen with clear and far-sighted information.
  • Electronic control system for heating, water filling and mixing.
  • Large and easy-to-use control buttons for adjusting Kettle functions.
  • Usage information messages, instructions for energy-efficient use, and error messages.
  • Ability to set distant visual and audio-visual signals to guide user action.
  • The touch screen can be locked during washing to avoid incorrect presses.
  • An unused touch screen can be placed in an energy-saving sleep mode, from which it returns to immediate use.
  • The Kettle is controlled by Ethernet and wireless network connection.


  • Heating controlled by automatic temperature control based on the food temperature or based on the jacket temperature.
  • Intelligent heating control to prevent burnout and reduce energy consumption.
  • Temperature display with 1 ° C resolution with clear numerical display. Adjustment range 0…25°C.


  • Two-way rotary bottom mixer integrated in the tilting Kettle section.
  • The mixing tool can be disassembled into three separate parts, enabling ergonomic handling of the tool when placing in and removing from the Kettle.
  • Mixing tool that can be disassembled and washed in its entirety in a washing machine in a 500x500mm washing basket.
  • The mixing tool is well suited for eg cold preparation, crushing, pureing (eg mashed potatoes), mixing of masses, kneading and flotation.
  • Mixing speed adjustment 0-160rpm.
  • 7 ready-made mixing programs are suitable for versatile food production. Mixing programs as needed can be self-modified.
  • The mixer stops automatically if the pot lid is opened.
  • The function button when pressed in the mixture also has the Kettle tilted or the lid open at a speed of 0-20.


  • Automatic water filling based on the desired number of liters.
  • The waterspout is located on the edge of the pot. It can be used with the lid closed and the pot tilted.


  • Strong electric tilt.
  • Adjustable recoil function that allows the product to be emptied from the pot to stop emptying after the incline has been completed.
  • When emptying, the kettle tilts from a pouring height of 600 mm, which allows ergonomic working height and emptying even in large containers.


  • The lid of the kettle is removable for transfer to the wash.
  • The Kettle lid can be rotated in place, allowing the lid to be wiped without reaching over the Kettle.


  • Cookware parts AISI 316 stainless steel in contact with food.

Contact the Regethermic team for more information.