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Introducing the Next Generation in Hot-Fill Technology!

11 February 2020

Regethermic is proud to present the MK-8 Touch Mobile Pump-Fill station.


  • Selectronic controls providing accurate dosing adjustment
  • 7” IP65 colour lockable touch screen
  • Key code protected service settings
  • USB HACCP and service recording and downloading
  • Bag counter for easier quantity tracking
  • Variable speed control and flow rate adjustment
  • Stainless steel piston pump (standard) or lobe pump (optional)
  • Adjustable height heat seal (standard) or clipper system (optional)
  • Adjustable height for safe and comfortable operation
  • Adjustable tray depth
  • Scale integration to weigh product
  • Tray and Bottle Fill programs
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Fully dismantlable for cleaning
  • CIP – Continuous cleaning function
  • Onscreen diagnostics
  • Auto strip function for dismantling

Offering maximum safety through:

  • Hand activation
  • Auto valve shut-off when trigger is released
  • Heat-sealer only activating when bars are closed
  • Supported bag when filling
  • No lateral movement when moving filled bag to sealer