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Commercial Sous Vide "Under Pressure"

6 May 2019

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Commercial Sous vide “under vacuum”

The commercial advantages of the utilisation of Sous vide as a production method are numerous, the process can improve yield retention, shelf life, tenderness and flavour profile of food, once the domain of fine dining restaurants now the process has a much wider reach with the commercial benefits applicable to producers from the very small to large scale manufacturing

Vacuum packed?
  • Vacuum packaging prevents evaporative losses of flavour volatiles and moisture during cooking and inhibits off-flavours from oxidation.
  • The nutritional characters of the foods are more protected while flavours are maintained and enhanced.
  • Vacuum sealing reduces aerobic bacterial growth
  • Enhances the efficient transfer of thermal energy from the water (or steam) to the food
  • Pasteurisation is a temperature time trade-off the lower the temperature the longer the time (not below 54.4°C)
  • The process is based on the principle of less heat for a longer period of time so proteins aren’t exposed to heat stress causing toughness while limiting shrinkage therefore improving product yield
  • Low temperatures over a longer time will allow the connective tissues to weaken improving the tenderness of the product
  •  Most cuts of meat are most tender when cooked between 55°C and 65°C

Regethermic combination Cook Tank/ tumble chiller is an all in one solution for both Sous Vide cooking/Chilling as well as Tumble chilling while monitoring food temperature at all stages of the process.
The unit cooks and pasteurises the vacuum sealed product utilising a core probe to ensure all required parameters are meet and recorded, then at the end of the thermal processing automatically rapidly chills the product ready for storage.