Cook-Chill, Sous-Vide, Hot-Fill and Pasteurisation principles are specialities that Regethermic excels in delivering, using time-proven equipment such as Cook-Tanks, Tumble Chillers, Pump-Fill Stations, Vertical Form Fillers, Fluid Chillers, Emulsifiers and Mixer Kettles.

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Cook Tank/Tumble Chiller MK3

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New Mobile Pump-Fill MK 8 Touch

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Hot fill is where a product is cooked then pasteurised to a minimum core temperature-before being filled at a lower, stabilised temperature into sealable vacuum bags, stand-up pouch or container,...

An increasing need to reduce and mitigate threats and vulnerabilities within the food manufacturing industry has led to the development of TACCP and VACCP programs.

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Internationally acclaimed, Regethermic prides itself on customer satisfaction with a proven track record within health/aged care as well as mass food production sectors across Asia and the Middle East; including Hong Kong, Singapore, Qatar, and the UAE.